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Carrying Capacity Network Action Alert

   September, 2006

As we indicated earlier, one purpose of the horrendous McCain-Kennedy bill (S.2611 passed by the Senate) was to shift the tone of the immigration debate as far in the direction of open borders as possible. Well, judging from the latest developments in Washington, we were clearly correct.

Recently, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) have
introduced legislation that they say will pave the way for "compromise" between the House and Senate. Yet a quick glance at the Bill's (the so-called "SAFE Visa Temporary Guest Worker Plan) provisions shows that "capitulation" would be a better description than "compromise."

The Pence-Hutchinson Super-Illegal- Alien Amnesty: IS NOT TEMPORARY! and IS AN AMNESTY!: Illegal Alien "Guest" workers would be issued a visa allowing them to work in the U.S. for twelve years.

When the visa expires, they could apply for a second visa allowing them to work for another five years.

When this visa expires, they will be allowed to
apply for citizenship!

IS UNLIMITED: American companies would set up employment agencies in foreign countries where they would hire as many "guest" workers as they want.

IS NOT SAFE: Illegal immigrants would have to return to their home countries for only one week (no penalties if they don't!) and apply for "guest" worker status without paying any penalty, and could return to the U.S. without background checks!

IS A POPULATION BOMB: "Guest" workers would be allowed to bring their families, meaning that the public would have to pay for their children's education and health care! Since the bill says nothing about birthright citizenship, any children born to these "guest" workers would be U.S. Citizens, and twelve years is plenty of time to have lots of children.

IS UNLIMITED: We repeat: Our jobs are in jeopardy because, perhaps worst of all, there is no limit to the number of "guest" workers that will be allowed into OUR country!

IS RACIST: Only residents of NAFTA and CAFTA countries would be eligible, Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, Haitians, etc. are OK. But NO EUROPEANS, NO ASIANS and NO AFRICANS are eligible.

ILLEGAL ALIENS WOULD HAVE PREFERENCES AMERICAN CITIZENS DO NOT HAVE: If they leave the U.S. they would be paid all their accrued Social Security benefits in one lump sum. Americans have to wait until they retire to receive some benefits, paid out over time.


Legalizing UNLIMITED numbers of illegal aliens effectively ELMINATES
both BORDERS and national sovereignty. Is that a surprise? Elimination of National Sovereignty and creation of the North American Union is the goal that the Neo-con Globalist Open Borders Advocates are working for.

We kid you not (we did not believe it at first either). But if you doubt this just read the terms of the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement already endorsed by Bush, Mexican P.M. Fox and Canadian P.M. Martin!

Bush did not bother to get Senate approval of this "treaty"!

Our CCN members phone calls and faxes were crucial in stopping the McCain-Kennedy bill, BUT the Open Borders Lobby is not giving up on an Amnesty.

The Pence Hutchinson plan is another attempt.


By repackaging the product, calling it a "compromise" approach, and getting two
Neo-"conservative" lawmakers to sell it, the proponents of amnesty are undoubtedly hoping that they can fool the public into giving them what they want.


Let your Representatives and Senators know that you aren't fooled. Call/fax and tell them that the Pence-Hutchinson ploy is little more than a thinly disguised amnesty for UNLIMITED NUMBERS of illegal immigrants and a massive immigration acceleration bill.

Tell them that you've had enough talk about "compromise" and that what you want is an ENFORCEMENT ONLY bill or no bill at all. Also be sure and tell them that what we really need is an immigration MORATORIUM. We want ZERO net immigration.

You can reach your Senators by calling the Congressional Switchboard at (202)
224-3121 or (888) 355-3588. Fax or e-mail contact information can also be found at www.congress.org.


In many ways, the current situation we are in is a direct result of the flawed policy of "immigration management" pursued by two other immigration reform organizations: FAIR and NumbersUSA. By focusing almost exclusively on illegal immigration and paying only lip service to legal immigration reduction, they have allowed the Open Borders Lobby to take the offensive. If your only problem with immigration is that it's illegal, the Open Borders Lobby will always have the same response: legalize it!

Only by advocating an immigration moratorium can we hope to avoid this trap and put the other side on the defensive. There is absolutely no reason why our current program of mass immigration, with all of the stress it puts on our environment and our economy, should be continued. Thus, calling the entire program into question by pushing a moratorium forces the other side to explain why we need any immigration at all.


Through the generosity, devotion, and creativity of one CCN member, we are able to give you a Great Weapon to help win this Battle: THE FACTS!! Use the enclosed "fact card" to defeat the nonsensical arguments of the Open Borders Crowd. Order more to educate others.


Recently, the San Diego Union Tribune reported on August 8 that "the environmental establishment has mostly abandoned talking about the nation's growing populace, especially as it relates to immigration." Apparently, many of these so-called "environmentalists" think the issue is simply too "divisive" to bring up.

Meanwhile, as the article itself noted, 100,000 acres of wetland are lost each year due to development, 40 percent of the nation's rivers and 46 percent of its lakes are too polluted for swimming or fishing, and 6,700 species remain endangered, mostly because of habitat loss. Obviously, immigration induced population growth is taking its toll!

At CCN, we are dedicated to actually doing something about the environment, but we can't do it alone. Please consider that our Herculean (and thus far successful) efforts this year to stop the Amnesty have drained our accounts! CCN depends on your contributions for support.

So, please use the enclosed Business Reply Envelope or you can go to www.carry ingcapacity.org and click on "SUPPORT CCN" at the top of the page to send your donation today. Remember that your membership can multiply our clout.

Help CCN Stop the Pence-Hutchison Unlimited Super-Amnesty!
"Midnight Deal" Threatens!

Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.