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Carrying Capacity Network Action Alert

   July 2006

On Thursday, May 25, sixty-two senators voted to betray our United States of America. The immigration "reform" bill (S.2611) that they passed is nothing short of an invitation to disaster. If it becomes law, the bill would:

  • Grant amnesty to the estimated 20 million illegal immigrants currently living in our country, and ALLOW THEM TO BRING THEIR FAMILIES (Est. 30 million additional)

  • Admit tens of thousands of new immigrants into our country PERMANENTLY under the guise of "temporary guest workers" for, as Dr. Robert Rector of the Heritage Institute notes, "there is nothing temporary about this program; nearly all 'guest workers' would have the right to become permanent residents and then citizens."

  • Vastly increase the number of employment-based visas granted annually. (Nearly 500,000/yr)


  • Give SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS TO ILLEGALS for all the years they spent illegally working in the United States AND SURVIVORS BENEFITS TO THEIR CHILDREN!


  • GRANT AMNESTY TO ALL EMPLOYERS who have ever hired illegal immigrants.

  • Bribe each illegal alien to sign up for English classes with $500 of taxpayers' money.

  • PROVIDE millions of dollars of OUR TAX MONEY TO IMMIGRANTS-RIGHTS GROUPS TO HELP ILLEGAL ALIENS. These are the same groups who waved foreign flags in the demonstrations in May.

  • Require that they pay 3 out of 5 years of back taxes. That sounds like a penalty but actually amounts to a 2-year tax relief package.

There was, however, a bit of good news. On Tuesday, May 16, the Senate passed Jeff Bingaman's (D-NM) amendment, which cut the number of legal immigrants who could enter as "temporary" workers. This led Dr. Rector to reduce his estimate of the total number of immigrants that would be admitted under S.2611 from 103 million to66 million.

However, we at CCN believe that Rector's original estimate falls far short of the total long-term impact on population growth, since he did not take into account the high fertility rates of most immigrant groups. Fertility rates for foreign-born Hispanics residing in California, studied between 1987 and 1991, increased to 4.4 children per woman. Hence, Rector's original figure might be closer to what we can expect.


Proponents of amnesty and guest worker programs have been all over the news recently praising the Senate bill as a "rational" and "comprehensive" approach while decrying the House bill (H.R.4437) with its enforcement only provisions as "wrong" and "mean-spirited." These corporate and other interest-group shills are insisting that in the upcoming negotiations, a "rational middle ground" can be reached between the two bills.

Close observers will see that the real purpose of the Senate bill was precisely to shift the "middle ground" as far in the direction of open borders as possible.

We also believe that the recent spate of enforcing employer sanctions as called for in 1986 illegal alien/amnesty legislation are window dressing. The public is expected to believe that the government is serious about enforcement [after a 20-year yawn], and certain employers are expected to get mad and afraid enough to begin their own lobbying in favor of the guest worker/amnesty provisions in S. 2611.

These developments only underscore the point that CCN has been repeatedly making to the two NeoCon Mass Immigration Management groups--Numbers USA and FAIR. As long as we limit ourselves solely to combating illegal immigration, we will always play into the other side's hands.

Instead, we need to call the whole Enterprise of Mass Immigration itself into question by advocating a moratorium on all immigration in excess of 100,000 annually, while simultaneously opposing an amnesty. It's the only way to put the Open Borders Lobby on the defensive and finally shift the debate in our direction.

In the mean time, now more than ever we need you to contact your congressmen and tell them not to cave in on immigration. We have to keep the Senate bill from becoming the basis for discussion in the House/Senate Conference Committee.

Remind House members that they passed a good Enforcement-Only bill in December (H.R. 4437) and we expect them to stick to it. Tell them to support ENFORCEMENT ONLY! Not amnesty for illegal immigrants or any sham "guest" worker programs. Also be sure to let them know that you want an immigration MORATORIUM on all immigration in excess of 100,000 annually!

Also remind them that electoral results as early as June 6 showed public anger at illegal immigration. A special election to fill disgraced California Congressman Duke Cunningham's seat initially had the "clean government" candidate from the opposite party running ahead. But she was caught on tape telling a primarily-Hispanic audience that you don't need papers to vote! Public sentiment turned and immigration reductionist Brian Bilbray was elected to fill the vacant House seat!


It might seem as though your calls, faxes, and letters are falling on deaf ears, but the truth is they are having an incredible effect. The media has been full of stories lately about congressmen who are terrified to support amnesty lest they face the wrath of their constituents. According to a May 28 article in the Washington Post, "Republican House members facing the toughest races this fall are overwhelmingly opposed to any deal that provides illegal immigrants a path to citizenship."

The article noted that Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT), who had previously spoken in favor of a guest worker plan, "said strong protests from his constituents this month prompted him to speak out for the first time against citizenship for undocumented workers." Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) also said that "immigration was the only issue that came up during a tour of church festivals in his Cincinnati district a week ago, deepening his opposition to the Bush approach."

The New York Times also recently reported that Congress has received 10,000 bricks through the U.S. mail -- and counting. Their constituents' message didn't have to be spelled out! The American People want a Wall.

This depth of antagonism to guest worker/amnesty and other unacceptable provisions of the Senate bill have arisen despite mass media's failure to honestly connect the dots regarding how much is at stake. At a time when our country's energy future is in the balance and other slow-to-renew resources, including fresh, clean water, may become critically short, the Senate bill would push us quickly past the one-half billion population mark well before 2050. Environmental, fiscal, and economic concerns are being swept under the rug.

Progress to a sustainable future can come only with defeating the Senate bill and winning House/Senate Conference Committee acceptance of the House bill, "enforcement only." If this goal of an Enforcement-Only Bill is beyond reach, the next best result is NO BILL AT ALL.

Call, write, and fax your senators and representatives today and demand that they oppose the Senate bill. Tell them to say NO to amnesty and all "guest" worker programs. Tell them to support ENFORCMENT ONLY and a MORATORIUM on all immigration in excess of 100,000 annually. Tell them to JUST SAY NO to any bill that has anything other than enforcement only provisions. Especially tell them to oppose the "compromise" plan proposed by Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), a thinly disguised amnesty that would allow aliens to return home, register as "guest workers" and then come back to their old jobs with a chance at citizenship!

Right now, as you probably know, the House is holding hearings across the country to gauge public opinion on immigration. This has put any compromise on hold for the moment, but you never know what can happen when it comes to politicians. Recently, when John McCain was asked if conferees would be appointed, he smiled and said confidently "oh, I think they will be." So keep putting on the pressure! If and when conferees are appointed, we will let you know who they are in an e alert. Please send us your email addresses if you have not already. For now, tell Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI)-both of whom will almost certainly be conferees-
not to back down under any circumstances.

You can reach your senators by calling the Congressional switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or 888-355-3588. Fax and E-Mail contact information can be found at www.congress.org.

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Remember, our country and our environment are at stake!


Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.